Chapter 1

I tried to push myself a bit harder today. I decided to run eight km instead of my usual five km, because I really needed the excruciating pain in my muscles, to feel the amino acid nibbling inside my arms and legs. I really needed that physical distraction to forget Liam, The Liam.

The Liam that broke my heart 4 years ago, stomped on it without any emotion and walked on to a better more prosperous grounds in the UK. It is the same Liam that stood in front of me in the conference room two hours ago and greeted me hello with a hug and a kiss on the cheek like we were old friends who did not see each other in a long time.

Of course I met my goal because I always do. There is nothing that I want and cannot have. Almost. After I finished the 8 km course I got back to my place surprised to see my flat-mate Miranda home.

“Hi, Mird, what’s going on? Weren’t you supposed to be at dinner with Josh’s parents?”

Miranda looked back from the open freezer and shot bloodshot eyes at me. Oh oh, this is bad, really bad. I crossed over to her, opened my arms and closed them around her plump shoulders. “What’s wrong? What did he do this time?”

Miranda didn’t answer, just began sobbing like the end of the world had come.

“Ok, honey, let it all out. I am here. I am not going anywhere. We will talk when you are up to it”. I shut the freezer door and walked her to sit on the living room sofa still holding her in a tight bear hug.

My mobile buzzed to “no air” by Jordan Spark and Chris Brown with an unlisted number. I wanted to ignore the call, but thought it may be the new client my boss Rob talked about today. I petted Miranda’s hair and freed my right arm to answer the call.


“Hi, Sam. How are you?” Liam. His sexy voice still makes my skin tingle. How come he has my number? Rob, what did you do?

“Ahh… hi.”

“I need to see you. Today. It is urgent.” He still had the same old commending voice from four years ago. I guess some things never change. The gull of the man!

“What? Wh… What do you mean you want to see me? Today? I d…”

He interrupted me mid sentence. “It is not that I want to see you. I need to see you. Our deadline to participate in the tender was moved to this Friday morning from Dec 22. We have to get our asses moving in order to submit it on time. Get ready. I will pick you up in ten minutes.”

My brain shut down. My ears didn’t hear anything of what he said. I was still stuck on his first sentence…. ‘It is not that I want to see you’. The left arm that still held sobbing Miranda turned to jelly. I had a hard time holding my mobile in my other arm so I tightened my hold on it in fear it may slide out of my hand.

Thoughts swirled inside my head. He knows my mobile number. It makes sense since we have to work on the same project. Rob must have given it to him. But… shouldn’t have Rob called me and not… him?

The deadline was moved to this Friday? It means 24 hour work until the bid is submitted. Oh, God, not again! Not with him! How could Rob do this to me? He knows our history! He’s the one that first introduced us in that stormy rainy faithful day that I wish had never happened.

I shook my head to free myself from the incoherent thoughts and got my brain to function again. I used my most calm voice, the voice of a serious and professional business woman who I cultivated over the years. “Yes, of course. I will be ready. I live at 17th toy…”

“I know where you live. Be ready in ten”.

He hung up and left me dumbstruck, breathless and hyperventilating. I was so out of it Miranda stopped her crying long enough to look at me and say in a hoarse voice dribbled by her sobbing “Liam? Did I just hear Liam’s voice on the phone?”

All I could think of to say was “He knows where I live”.

To be continued…

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