Lap Dance – Part 1

He showed up today as well.

I want to think it had something to do with the steamy hot lap-dance I gave him the last time he walked into “Diggers”, but I know guys like him. They end up here after their girlfriends broke up with them and expected some easy-lay to boost their manhood. Or they can be drifters that cannot stay in one place for too long, so the only sex they get is from one-nighters or from paid service. Hell, they can be some married bastards that get off from naked strippers and going home to their wives (or elsewhere).

Nothing else can explain this perfect mouth-watering man showing up in here night after night for the last two weeks. Sandy colored hair cap his strong angled jaw, straight nose and smoky cat-like green-brown colored eyes. Even if his face wasn’t that attractive his built muscled body sure does the job. He holds his tailored suit with an ease I never encountered and do not hide the rippled muscles underneath long calves and arms.

I stared into these eyes for more than an hour on numerous occasions. I felt those arms moving over my upper body. I encircled his massive neck with my hands. I sat on those legs spread thighs. I felt his cock pressing my cunt begging for an opening.

I don’t do clients. Ever. No matter how much I get wet from watching them drool all over me. That is why I am the most wanted girl in here. I know for a fact many lost big sums in bets on whether or not they can nail me.

But I wanted to do this stranger. Desperately.

The most he requested was a lap-dance. Never something more. And always from me.

We never talked. Only stared at each other the whole paid hour of the private lap-dance.

The last time I went all in. I wanted to make him want to do more than enjoy a lap-dance. I grinded over his seemly huge cock over and over. I was not even subtle about it. I could see his control slipping away. Unfortunately for me, the big boss decided just then to interrupt because the hour was up. I was a bit disappointed because it meant I had to visit the dressing room behind the stage and get busy with my vibrator.

Tonight is a whole new ballgame. Tonight I am not getting off with aids. Tonight I am getting laid. With a client. For the first time.

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