The Passion to Survive by Dana L. Elgrod

Do you know the feeling of total exhaustion after an aerobic workout that make you realize that you just topped your best performance to date? That was my feeling upon reading the last word of The Passion to Survive. I just realized Dana L. Elgrod just topped every other book I ever read – literally.

We were presented to Eva after she survived a tsunami disaster while vacationing in Tenerife just to realize the world as she knew has come to an end taking her best friend with it.

Luckily for her she was not the only survivor. Hot ex-military-man Ethan, teenager Jonathan and little girl Lily were her comrades in her journey to find a way out of the hell they found themselves in.

I found myself out of breath while being sucked into a whirlpool of this small group endless stream of hardships while trying to find any sign of civilization, during which they encountered more survivors – dashing ex-Russian military Anatoly and shy Spanish Maria, the French group – Jan, easygoing Francin and fun Philip, Ana and Miguel and many others.

Eva and her legion of multicultural strangers that do not know each other but depend on one another to survive take them across the Mediterranean Sea to France and the UK, well, whatever was left of them.

Walking, driving, sailing, climbing, crawling… killing – Eva did everything to survive. Death all around her she found within herself the will to survive because Ethan made her body come to life with passion she never felt before, human cruelty forced her to group the other survivors and make them her friends and sights of total destruction in every turn steeled her heart so that she could restart her life while trying to figure out the fates of the all the people she held dear to her heart.

In the midst of all Eva finds herself in a love triangle with Ethan and Anatoly. First love feelings, passion outbreaks and out of the world sex were enhanced with every city, state and continent around Eva have unknown fates.

This tale of adventure after adventure mixed with all range of human feelings – love, passion, joy, jealousy, sadness, hate, grief and much more  – are all integrated with the end aim – to just survive.

The author managed to combine any adventure story your read thus far and spice it up with steaming sex scenes that will just make you enjoy the story exponentially more with each and every page you turn.

Think this book rocked? Wait to the second part. It just gets hotter.

Here is the official synopsis as the Author published in her website:

התשוקה לשרוד - דנה לוי אלגרוד

You can also follow her on her Facebook pages – Local, International.

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