Blood Solstice – Tale of Lunermorte #3 by Samantha Young

I am continuing my last post on the Tale of Lunermorte by Samantha Young.

I finished reading it today… let me tell you when you get to the part when Lucian is lying on the ground…pale…lifeless… JUST KEEP READING!

I just couldn’t continue to read, so I stopped for a 1/2 hour and picked up the book again (well my phone since I am reading digitally).

I can only say the ending was… magical, as in literally magic and not in a metaphoric way.

I can really say now that I finished reading the 3 books that the series consist of, that it was magnificent, full of imagination with every detail or trait or characterization fully used by the author.

I kinda envy the authors that can invent a whole world in their head. I think I have a writing skill, but I lack the imagination that is demanded in order to write a book.

Samantha Young – you awe me every single time… I just cannot get enough of your writing. You have an articulation talent that pulls me into your stories with the desire to make it a one way direction, because sometimes who wants to return to the real world?

Anyway, you gotta read these books asap, but if you start make sure you have a few days to spare because it tags at you too fast and before you know it, more than a few hours will be missing from your life.

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