River Cast – Tale of Lunermorte #2 by Samantha Young

Samantha Young – you have me under a spell just like Caia can use her Trace to locate all the Midnights members in the coven she heads.

I am only in the middle of the second book but I had to share it with you people so I did not wait as always to finish reading the series first.

Imagine being part of magical world that has lycans, magiks and vampires. Now imagine you are the most powerful of the lot. How brilliant is that, ha? Top it up with war between the Midnight coven and the Daylight coven that sprouts for the last 2000 years and you have a background story to a fantasy story.

Do not get me started to write about sexy, headstrong, hot-blooded Lucian that is Caia’s mate – I will never be able to stop. No matter where they turn to or where they look at (let’s be honest here – who they look at…), they are blessed from Gaia to be together. Well, I think it will only happen in the third book anyway since they have a war to finish off before they turn all lovey dovey with each other otherwise all the fun will end all too soon, so a lot of reading ahead of me! YES!

If you want to read the same time as me get started fast before I finish reading the series.

You can checkout the official synopsis from the official author’s website dedicated to the world of Lunermorte here.

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