Athens Day 1 – Continued

I really did need a vacation and the moment to breath in and breath out fresh freedom of obligation air for however short it may be is causing me to head off to the Acropolis of Athens with all the other April 15 turists.
The 10 minites walk from the hptel reconfirms my choice of accomodation and I buy the tickets to step on a hundred thousands history worth tample as excitment is coursing through my vain and pumping my already self enduced vacation drug I injected to myself to new highs.
Abit of online reading and brouchore technical description of the site emburks me to journey over 2400 years ago.

Oh! The constant restoration required does not even diminish the feeling of affect absorbtion of goddess Athena on the human history. I am so owed at our ansensters architecture capabilities from the era and think maybe just maybe all the aliegn stories may not be so far fetch? No way! We humans rock!
Concluding in a good meal with good friends served by a green eyed handsome waiter just tops this first day with a hopefull sign to day 2!

Excuse my typos – mobile version is a bit tough to handle.

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