Athens Day 2

We got our lazy asses out of bad after sleeping off over 24 wake time.
We finally got Syntagma squere to see change of guards with the lone soldair wall carved behind them on one of the walls of Greece Parliment building.


The National Gardens were a very green sight that woke me up completly.
The first ever Olympic stedium was on the way to Zues tample but I could feel history running at me all the way from 1896.


The history kept on being told by an unknown narrater inside my head (you know… a bit of Google, a bit of on site free info) till I got the best picture of the day – Acropolis & Zeus tample.


Some chilling out was required, so we hopped off to the busy, full of life and packed Palka with endless offers of restaurants and shops of every kind and color.
Some immigrents tried to sell us products got us to leave back to the hotel but luckily the sweet taste my cheese rissoto was still making my taste buds water.


My typos can’t be helped, sorry in advance.

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