Tender by Shai Amit

I didn’t read the book, but I fully intend on rectifying it really soon!
Give it up to Shai Amit, the author of ‪‎Tender‬ available on Amazon!
You can also catch up on the Hebrew version via Shai Amit’s page under ‘Shop Now’!

>>> Tender by Shai Amit


A captivating and original novel that pulls you into the world of nightlife in Amsterdam, New York and Tel Aviv. A world of fascination, dizziness, and deception, brought to light from the point of view of the spectacle’s leading figures. A sidelong view from the central position. The book provides a frank, true, and unique reading experience about a story of introspection, with climbs and crashes, with success and emptiness, and with a desperate search for understanding and love until self-destructiveness is itself destroyed.

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