Sep 15 – Clearing My Head Is Not Such An Easy Task After All

Sitting in my hostel lobby.

OK! It’s an english pub. And a lobby. And a reception.

But I like it. The hype going on in the place relaxes me into reading and writing mode.

Anyhow, I enjoyed the Chelsea side of London today.

Visited the Natural History Museum.

Skipped the Victoria & Albert hall – not into royalty to say the least.

Did you know Sloane st is full of brands shops, similar to 5th avenue in NY. Why am I so shocked? Because this Sloane guy is a pretty famous Brit in the science field I mean, like the local Albert Einstein famous. And they named a high-end shopper street after him!

I was fully prepared to be an Ana Steel to a Mr. Grey, until I found out all the hot guys don’t walk around as pedestrians. They drive fancy shmency cars!!!

Between walking over an hour to my hostel which turned out to be kinda fun, and passing the over execrated Harrods (don’t worry, I didn’t stepped a foot inside – I have the likes of this store in my home country – thank you very much), buying coffee from one of my favorite chain stores in London – Costa, my mind got vacation-vacation-vacation drilled into it to prompt my writing mind to start his magic ass to work.

Because I hope to write the first words of my soon-to-be-published book (fingers crossed!) TOMORROW.

well, maybe.

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