Sep 15 – Tower of London!

I spent the most wonderful day today at the Tower of London area.

I even witnessed the bridge in action when it was lifted. So cool!

Crown jewel were very beautiful, but very vain. What did the monarchs think when they asked for a gold salt spoon and a 14 liter punch ball that took 10 year to design and mold???

instead of enriching their followers life, they took away taxes for their palaces and such. What a shame!!!

I even paid 21 GBP to enter to see these wonders. What was I thinking?

I should no be so hard on them anyway, the democrats of today are no better in their extravaganza and their constant elicit white-collar crimes. I wonder where they learnt it from, ha?

Enough about what I didn’t like. Let’s talk about the appreciation I have for the Britain preservation of their history with the fort in the middle of London, or as it was called Londoneom.

I enjoy the Wall Walk and the torture exhibition.

I liked the tour guides they offered and the fact that Queen’s guard actually live in the fort and it not just a museum.

All in all, a day well spent!

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