Mr. Long-Hair – The Foreplay Before The Foreplay

I have curves men love to grope when embracing their women, so I found myself to be the night’s center of attention when I walked into Riot, the seediest club in town.
“Damn it, Ivy! Where the hell did you bring me?” I yelled into her ear to overcome ‘I can’t feel my face’ by Weeknd that almost pierced my eardrum in an irrevocable way.
“Chill it, Rox. You need to get your girly part exercised and this place is the gym.” Ivy winked and sashayed all the way to the bar with me in her wake.
I hardly made it to a just evicted seat when the hottest guy I ever seen walked past me.
“God! I wonder if his john is as long as his hair.” Ivy commented and I automatically rolled my eyes at her. “What?” She shrugged and I just refocused my eyes on the manly vision that got my pump working extra time to notify me it needed attention. The real life one. Not of synthetic sort.
“Fuck, he’s totally checking you out.” Ivy let out.
And he sure was. Long-Hair and I locked eyes. For a minute he let his eyes drift lower to my D-cup breasts, curvy thighs and long shaped legs that were exposed mid-thigh downwards.
At the same time I did my own little survey, taking in his broad shoulders and the six packs action he had going on across his middle, visible through his tight T. I was literally drooling all over the bar.
When our eyes locked again he smiled devilishly and nodded towards the entrance to another part of the club before disappearing through the archway.
“Well, as you mentioned a few minutes ago, my engine needs some tuning, so Chao.” I said to Ivy and stalked off through the archway following my potential one night stand.
“Chao, Rox. Just remember to do everything I would totally have done.”
I waved goodbye thinking about the good times awaiting me.

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