Defy (Sinners of Saint 0.5) by L.J. shen

16266247_10158177979850215_6850885698125279326_nIf I ever wanted to teach, I never would have gone to teach @ Hotholes controled school.
I would have gotten myself arrested for desiring Jamie – a minor.
I guess Melody is one lucky lady then, cause the coast is all clear for her passionate and thrilling affair with hottest Hothole of them all – Jamie.
I FLOVE L.J’s writing.
Why do I read her?
Cause I never know what will happen once I turn a page.
L.j has the knack to take the most mundane story and make it epic, bring out the class in it without rubbing it in your face.
I need more Hotholes please, like right now.
Like Dean.
Like Trent.
Cause I had Vicious for breakfast yesterday and Jamie warmed up my sheets last night. Well, more like it evaporated it into thin air due to intense fire that disintegrated it.

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