Bully By Penelope Douglas

When a friend on a Facebook group first suggested to read the book, I said to myself “this book is about teenagers! I am way past that”, but she kept insisting and I was finally convinced to give it a try.

So here are my comments as I progressed in my reading:

1.0% completed-

I can’t believe I am reading about a high school party. I was the geek in high school. How was I succumbed to this?

17.0% completed-

I feel like I am back at school going from one class to the next. You see straight away Jared and Tate dig each other immensely. Is the author kidding’ me?

35.0% completed-

The well written story is making up for the fact that it doesn’t reveal anything new I didn’t already watch in teenage movies. Except… Jared just so into Tate and visa versa and it so obvious. I wonder if the whole book is one prolonged foreplay (?).

50.0% completed-

That’s it! I burning up! Jared, a wondering in love soul without the knowledge of what to do with his feelings for Tate. Tate confused from their love-hate relationship. The foreplay comes to a crescendo in a superb kitchen scene!!! It is so clear both of them deny what is happening between them! Keep on reading!

61.0% completed-

I still don’t understand the whole bullying thing which is the main drive of the book. Ok, so he is in love with her. but what? He doesn’t know what to do with himself? He is better off with her hating him like he hates himself? Does he need to have a mirror stuck up to see himself clearly? And.. Ops… 16-year-old kid doesn’t know the ramifications of rumors? Maybe I will understand the author’s intentions if I read some more.

75.0% completed-

I don’t know how many bedroom scenes the reminder of this book has, but it is a great way to start-up my morning – Tate going to investigate Jared past in his bedroom, but instead Jared investigates her body, all of it!

82.0% completed-

Bullying doesn’t justify bullying others. It is kinda of hard to accept the explanation the author offers for Jared’s behavior. I am not familiar with the phycology that analysises this behaviors, so I will just take it at face value just as it is described in the book.

84.0% completed-

Losing your virginity with the guy you love and not in a bed! Mmm… Yum!

94.0% completed-

I have only a 3 letter word to describe what is happening right now – OMG! Video? Footage? Teenagers these days!

100.0% completed-

Nothing to add. No spoilers on this part. G O  R E A D!

ORDER LINK > http://amzn.to/2btUTlf

I will end my review, as always, with the official synopsis as published in Penelope Douglas’s website:

bullyMy name is Tate.

He doesn’t call me that, though. He’ll barely refer to me at all, and he’ll hardly ever speak to me.

But he still won’t leave me alone.

We were best friends once. Then he turned on me and made it his mission to ruin my life. I’ve been humiliated, shut out, and gossiped about all through high school. His pranks and rumors got worse as time wore on. I even went to Europe for a year, just to avoid him.

But I’m done hiding from him now, and there’s no way I’ll allow him to ruin another year. He might not have changed, but I have.

It’s time to fight back.

When one brave young woman stands up to her best friend Jared, now tormenter, the consequences go beyond anything either of them ever would have imagined.

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