Sep 15 – Jane Austen festival!

I may have missed the parade on Friday, but I am still totally immersed in my Jane Austen Bath experience!!!!

Today I have been to the Fashion museum. It was very educational especially for meua who has no sense of fashion what so ever.

I saw all the 18 & 19 century wardrobes and even had the chance to dress up in the era clothes (as if!!!).

I left the Fashion museum wanting to be chic and trendy with my own clothes. As the last exhibit expressed – you can wear whatever you like as long as you love the style and feel comfortable in it.

Later on, a 5 minutes walk brought me to The Jane Austen Centre where I was exposed to her life story and the inspiration she drew from her life experience, the people she met and places she visited.

I feel such a strong connection to her it scares me on the one hand but brings me joy on the other.

If you ever have a chance to visit Bath, which is only a two hours ride by train from London, make sure to pay a tribute to The Author of Romane Literature (in my book anyway) – Jane Austen!

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