Sep 15 – chasing ghosts, really?

Everyone loves a good ghost story.

Well, I heard several this evening while roaming Old Town of Edinburgh with my guide Sean (free tour

Ok, they were another 20 people or so in the tour, but I like to think Sean was my personal guide.

Leave the totally killer accent aside (hot Scottish accent!!!) and a few unsuccessful attempts to scare the hell out of us (some actually fell for that shit…), it was a really good tour, so I tipped Sean about 4.5 – 5 pounds (don’t know for sure, I gave him all my change…).

I got a pregnant sewerage ghost story, a monk ghost story, no arm killer ghost story, grave robbers story and to top it off I was also told about the torture in medieval times and some city vaults stories.

One hour and fifteen minutes of fun.

As you know, I am a fan of a good story.

Hey, a story got me to Edinburgh in the first place!

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