Bologna! Day 1

I am beyond thrilled to finally rest my head from all the chaos and pressures at home.

It has been just over six months (!!!) Since my last holiday (to UK – read the posts) and my soul needs a little break from life (so to speak).

Cheerful and happy I make my way to Rome, undeterred by the shuttle from the plane that leads to the security screening and passport control upon setting foot in Italy, even though I am supposed to transfer to a domestic flight to Bologna – doesn’t it make sense to passport control there instead of trying to make me wonder, sweat and pray I would make it to the connection on time? Italians – go figure.

Luckily, I was ‘rescued’ by a nice stewardess who guides me through the checkpoints all the way to shuttle that takes me to the gate and departs only when I board the shuttle that at long last drives me to the plane (yep, 3 shuttles, Italians – did I mention that already?).

I am pretty surprised by the hospitality of the Italians. I have an image of closed off people and anti-tourists in general.

Hell, even the bus drivers know English. I guess the globalization has something to do with it. Forgive me, but I haven’t been to a non-English official language country in years, so ya, I was positively enjoying the non-language barrier today.

My expectation from this R&R just sky-rocketed.

Stay tuned for my Italian adventures. Hint: hotties, hotties, hotties.

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