Bologna – day 2!

Piatza Maggiore is very provincial like. You got the church, you got the museum but nothing you don’t see in other parts of Europe.

However, the length these italians will go through to make the perfect cheese with most mouth-watering aroma and then present them to you in the local market is Bolognian all the way.

The aroma hit me yesterday at dinner and had the full swing knockout effect when I walked into one of the little vias near the main piatza.

Even hours later the taste and texture are alive on my tongue and my taste buds.

Every corner of the old city is filled with cozy little coffee shops with unbelievable flavours that hit my nostrils like a white strip snorted by a drug addict.

I had a good day.

A fun day .

A tasty day.

A once in a cheese kind of day.

This is me not being my cheeky self.

You have to check this out on own.

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